A professionally made film enhances your website and promotes the quality of your organisation. WebEnable has been making films to benefit disadvantaged people for fifteen years. Our broad experience in the sector means that we bring an understanding of the issues you face and have sensitivity with regard to how you prefer to tackle those issues on film and digital media.


Films are so easy to share these days – on dvd, on You Tube or Vimeo, on your website, or embedded in powerpoint presentations. And, in our sector, they can be used for so many purposes. For example, for your client group:

  • films are an accessible, repeatable, communication medium for information, skills and also reassurance and familiarisation with the everyday world;
  • films can be of immediate assistance to your clients in helping them lead fulfilling lives
  • and film is a perfect medium for your client group to express themselves, to get their messages out there

And for your own organisation, film can:

  • help you with publicity and fundraising, not least, in pitching to Commissioners and funders
  • be an effective tool in presentations
  • films (and websites) are an excellent means of reporting milestones and for keeping commissioners and funders in touch with progress outside strict reporting criteria
  • and film can be useful inside your organisation – inducting trustees and staff, training staff and motivating and training your volunteers

Our Services

We offer a full service – you can just bring the outline of an idea or just draw on us for specific areas of expertise.  We can:

  • write the script with you, or frame the questions that will shape your film. Here you will find that our wide experience in the sector is of use to you
  • we can help you cast the film and persuade the people you really need to be in it
  • we provide all the equipment and the professional staff needed to make the actual filming a success. The person involved with you from the outset of your film planning will be present at the filming itself to ensure that the concept is being captured
  • we then edit the film with your messages and concept in mind. We produce a working draft (first cut) of the film for review and discussion with you and then make the final cut
  • with the film made, we provide it in the formats you require. We can provide a professional web streaming service for you. We also design and produce dvds and accompanying booklets
  • and of course, we can make your film available through social media, and on mobile phones.

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